Let Your Personality Shine in Your Dating Profile and Get More Dates


The key to getting dates online even on the best dating site isn’t just your picture, but how your online profile looks. Boring online profiles don’t attract much attention, no matter how good your picture looks. The key is to really show what your personality is. The result is that you will attract more dates. Find out more about what dating sites are out there by going to http://thedatingdirectory.com.

1.  Start Out With a Good Headline
The headline is as essential as the picture you post on your profile for making an immediate impression at potential dates that are checking you out.  Don’t just put “hi” or “lonely person looking for a date” as your headline.   It is stale and most likely someone will scroll right past it.  Come up with something catchy as your headline that expresses who you are or what your interests may be. Put your favorite move or book quote or a joke in your headline. People who get the reference will likely have things in common with you and, as a result, will click on your profile.

2.  Be Thoughtful
Don’t answer the sections of your profile with boring, common answers.  Really spend some time on this section and try to create a profile that really expresses who you are.  This is the place to have your dating philosophy, interesting things about you and to show what your personality is really like.  Whatever you do, fill out the main section of your profile thoughtfully while using your sense of humor and spark.

3.  Don’t Give Too Much Information
It isn’t about being mysterious, but rather entertaining the potential dates who read your profile.  Your dating profile isn’t the place to air your dirty laundry or start writing about all your quirks or annoying habits.  You want to be someone that people want to meet, not someone that they think will be an emotional mess. While you want to be thoughtful and creative in your profile, if it takes more than five minutes to read, it is way too long.  People won’t spend the time looking at it, and in the end, you may end up driving people away.

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How I Found A Last Minute Wedding Date

My best buddy was getting married in Perth, and just three days before the event, I found out that my longtime had been cheating on me with a guy she worked with. Well, she wasn’t the nicest person in the world, so it wasn’t a huge loss or anything, but here I was, stuck without a date for my best friend’s wedding. This was not good.

Unfortunately, I’m kind of a shy guy who usually meets women through online dating. Well, with the time constraints, that was certainly out. Since I still had my ex-girlfriend’s plane ticket, I asked a few co-workers if they wouldn’t like a free flight and a short beach vacation, but they all said no. It made sense, of course. Three days isn’t long enough to get time away from work. After all, I had put in for my vacation months ago.

My buddy and I grew up together in Brooklyn and he had recently moved to Perth for a job. When I called him telling him about my predicament, he just laughed and said, “You know that escorts are legal here, right?”

Well, obviously I hadn’t. However, that changed the game entirely, and in my favor. Now I had the chance to have the most beautiful girl at the wedding, someone who might even draw a little attention from the bride.

The girl I chose was a cute redhead named Annette. She was a pale bombshell that made everyone jealous. For a shy guy like me, I just lapped up the attention. Everyone had fun with it. It wasn’t like they couldn’t tell what was going on or anything.

Annette and I had a real good time, dancing and drinking champagne the entire night. And when the bride and groom went off to their honeymoon suite, Annette and I went back to my hotel room.

I’m not saying this is the solution for everyone who finds themselves suddenly without a date to a wedding. However, it sure worked for me. It definitely isn’t the worst idea in the world. If nothing else, you’ll certainly have some nice eye candy to look at throughout the night.

Definition of Friendship – A Few Facts

Definition of Friendship - A Few Facts
Friendship is a personal relationship shared between each friend for the welfare of others, in other words, the relationship of trust, faith and concern for each other feelings. It is a relationship of mutual caring and intimacy between them. A friend is someone who knows you as a person and see yourself for who you are and not for what he or she is looking in a good friend. The best friend is someone who accepts the good and bad qualities of his friend and also takes the initiative in correcting and restoring. Friendship is a distinctive kind of concern for your friend, is a relationship of great faith and love for others.

Friendship is all about how much you care and understand each other. It’s a pure relationship, you would make fun good friend about how much you love him and care for him feels. It’s just talking, listening and building a strong relationship of loyalty between them. Chain of love that slowly develops each participation. In some cases, the friendship can not last for a longer period and may terminate or lose its main meaning of love and respect for others. There are some friendships that can end up with unresolved conflicts and TIFF which means that this type of relationship was not so strong that it could hold its own. In adversity and bad times Friendship is not about fun and fun is equal loyalty from both parties. Read the rest of this entry »

Alone On Valentine’s Day

Alone On Valentine's Day
There is a stigma associated with Valentine’s Day. If you are alone on this day, people will think you’re an upgrade, a loser, destined to be alone for the rest of his life. Well, this is a group of. Well, one thing I will not write here. Valentine’s Day is just another day of the year. This year, Tuesday … Tuesday! What is special about Tuesday? It was glamor card companies and the service industry, so people spend money on things they do not need. If you will be in this Valentine’s Day, do not worry You can have a great time all by themselves. In fact, this may be the best valentine ever before.

Valentine’s Day should be all about you. When you’re with someone, the day of the shower each other with gifts like chocolates and other gifts. If you are alone, take all the presents, and gave himself. Do something good for yourself. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to splurge on something that you really want. Get a massage, get a mani/pedi, buy those expensive bag that has his eye on. Why not? Why this day is about loving others, you can keep only yourself Read the rest of this entry »

Being Single

"Being Single"
Some of us choose at certain times in our lives that we do not want to be in a relationship because of past experiences. We believe that if we enter into a new relationship that we experience the pain and complications can cause a fracture. Most of us would agree that we all need time to heal between relationships, time alone often our confidence in most cases revive. It seems sad that some people give up hope and faith in love and decides to be alone for the rest of his life, with the fear of negative history repeats itself.

How divorce is no longer a taboo, it seems that somehow people can give their relationship too quickly, but in other respects it is an advantage that an “exit plan”, if necessary, especially if the relationship is damaged and irreparable. Some people have not had the opportunity to be alone. The World Wide Web has opened the door to a dating sites, so it is easier for us to go in search of the perfect couple, without prior commitment. For timid and nervous types may have trouble finding someone to approach in a bar is perfect! Read the rest of this entry »

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